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# Thursday, June 16, 2011

There is a problem with XML serialization of BigDecimal values, as we've written in one of our previous articles "BigDecimal + JAXB => potential interoperability problems". And now we ran into issue with serialization of double / Double values. All such values, except zero, serialize in scientific format, even a value contains only integer part. For example, 12 will be serialized as 1.2E+1. Actually this is not contradicts with XML schema definitions.

But what could be done, if you want to send/receive double and/or decimal values in plain format. For example you want serialize a double / BigDecimal value 314.15926 in XML as is. In this case you ought to use javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters.XmlAdapter.

In order to solve this task we've created two descendants of XmlAdapter (the first for double / Double and the second for BigDecimal), click here to download the sources.

Applying these classes on properties or package level you may manage XML serialization of numeric fields in your classes.

See this article for tips how to use custom XML serialization.

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