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# Sunday, September 5, 2010

One of our latest tasks was a conversion of data received from mainframe as an EBCDIC flat file into an XML file in UTF-8 encoding for further processing.

The solution was rather straightforward:

  • read the source flat file, record-by-record;
  • serialize each record as an element into target XML file using JAXB.

For reading data from EBCDIC encoded flat file, a good old tool named eXperanto was used. It allows to define C# and/or Java classes that suit for records in the source flat file. Thus we were able to read and convert records from EBCDIC to UTF-8.

The next sub-task was to serialize a Java bean to an XML element. JAXB marshaller was used for this.

Everything was ok, until we had started to test the implementation on real data.

We've realized that some decimal values (BigDecimal fields in Java classes) were serialized in scientific exponential notation. For example: 0.000000365 was serialized as 3.65E-7 and so on.

On the other hand, the target XML was used by another (non Java) application, which expected to receive decimal data, as it was defined in XSD schema (the field types were specified as xs:decimal).

According with W3C datatypes specification:

"...decimal has a lexical representation consisting of a finite-length sequence of decimal digits (#x30-#x39) separated by a period as a decimal indicator. An optional leading sign is allowed. If the sign is omitted, "+" is assumed. Leading and trailing zeroes are optional. If the fractional part is zero, the period and following zero(es) can be omitted. For example: -1.23, 12678967.543233, 100000.00, 210..."

So, the result was predictable, the consumer application fails.

Google search reveals that we deal with a well-known bug: "JAXB marshaller returns BigDecimal with scientific notation in JDK 6". It remains open already an year and half since May 2009, marked as "Fix in progress". We've tested our application with Java version 1.6.0_21-b07, JAXB 2.1.

Although this is rather critical bug that may affect on interoperability of Java applications (e.g. Java web services etc.), its priority was set just as "4-Low".

P.S. as a temporary workaround for this case only(!) we've replaced xs:decimal on xs:double in XSD schema for the target application.

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