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# Monday, August 24, 2015

It's time to align csharpxom to the latest version of C#. The article New Language Features in C# 6 sums up what's being added.

Sources can be found at nesterovsky-bros/languages-xom, and C# model is at csharp folder.

In general we feel hostile to any new features until they prove they bring an added value. So, here our list of new features from most to least useless:

  1. String interpolation

    var s = $"{p.Name} is {p.Age} year{{s}} old";

    This is useless, as it does not account resource localization.

  2. Null-conditional operators

    int? first = customers?[0].Orders?.Count();

    They claim to reduce cluttering from null checks, but in our opinion it looks opposite. It's better to get NullReferenceException if arguments are wrong.

  3. Exception filters

    private static bool Log(Exception e) { /* log it */ ; return false; }

    try { … } catch (Exception e) when (Log(e)) {}

    "It is also a common and accepted form of “abuse” to use exception filters for side effects; e.g. logging."

    Design a feature for abuse just does not tastes good.

  4. Expression-bodied function and property members.

    public Point Move(int dx, int dy) => new Point(x + dx, y + dy);
    public string Name => First + " " + Last;

    Not sure it's that usefull.

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