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# Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're building a .NET 2.0 GUI application. A part of a project is a localization. According to advices of msdn we have created *.resx files and sent them to foreign team that performs localization using WinRes tool.

Several of our user controls contained SplitContainer control. We never thought this could present a problem. Unfortunately it is!

When you're trying to open resx for a such user control you're getting:

Eror - Failed to load the resource due to the following error:
System.MissingMethodException: Constructor on type 'System.Windows.Forms.SplitterPanel' not found.

We started digging the WinRes.exe (thanks to .NET Reflector) and found the solution: we had to define the name of split container the way that its parent name appeared before (in ascending sort order) than splitter itself.

Say if you have a form "MyForm" and split container "ASplitContainer" then you should rename split container to say "_ASplitContainer".  In this case resources are stored as:

Name Parent Name
_ASplitContainer MyForm
_ASplitContainer.Panel1 _ASplitContainer
_ASplitContainer.Panel2 _ASplitContainer

This makes WinRes happy. :-)

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