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# Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A natural curiosity led us to the implementation of connection pooling in Apache Tomcat (org.apache.commons.dbcp).

And what're results do you ask?

Uneasiness... Uneasiness for all those who use it. Uneasiness due to the difference between our expectations and real implementation.

Briefly the design is following:

  • wrap every jdbc object;
  • cache prepared statements wrappers;
  • lookup prepared statement wrappers in the cache before asking original driver;
  • upon close return wrappers into the cache.

It took us a couple of minutes to see that this is very problematic design, as it does not address double close of statements properly (jdbc states that is safe to call close() over closed jdbc object). With Apache's design it's safe not to touch the object after the close() call, as it returned to the pool and possibly already given to an other client who requested it.

The correct design would be:

  • wrap every jdbc object;
  • cache original prepared statements;
  • lookup original prepared statement in the cache before asking original driver, and return wrappers;
  • detach wrapper upon close from original object, and put original object into the cache.

A bit later. We've found a confirmation of our doubts on Apache site: see "JNDI Datasource HOW-TO ", chapter "Common Problems".

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