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# Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A while ago we have created a simple cache for Java application. It was modelled like a Map<K, V>: it cached values for keys.

Use cases were:

Cache<String, Object> cache = new Cache<String, Object>();
instance = cache.get("key");
cache.put("key", instance);

But now we thought of different implementation like a WeakReference<V> and with map access as additional utility methods.

 Consider an examples:

1. Free standing CachedReference<V> instance.

CachedReference<Data> ref = new CachedReference<Data>(1000, true);
data = ref.get();

2. Map of CachedReference<V> instances.

ConcurrentHashMap<String, CachedReference<Data>> cache =
  new ConcurrentHashMap<String, CachedReference<Data>>();

CachedReference.put(cache, "key", data, 1000, true);
data = CachedReference.get(cache, "key");

The first case is faster than original Cache<K, V> as it does not use any hash map at all. The later case provides the same performance as Cache<K, V> but gives a better control over the storage. Incidentally, CachedReference<V> is more compact than Cache<K, V>.

The new implementation is, the old one

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