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# Friday, January 13, 2012

A database we support for a client contains multi-billion row tables. Many users query the data from that database, and it's permanently populated with a new data.

Every day we load several millions rows of a new data. Such loads can lock tables for a considerable time, so our loading procedures collect new data into intermediate tables and insert it into a final destination by chunks, and usually after work hours.

SQL Server 2008 R2 introduced READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT database option. This feature trades locks for an increased tempdb size (to store row versions) and possible performance degradation during a transaction.

When we have switched the database to that option we did not notice any considerable performance change. Encouraged, we've decided to increase size of chunks of data we insert at once.

Earlier we have found that when we insert no more than 1000 rows at once, users don't notice impact, but for a bigger chunk sizes users start to complain on performance degradation. This has probably happened due to locks escalations.

Now, with chunks of 10000 or even 100000 rows we have found that no queries became slower. But load process became several times faster.

We were ready to pay for increased tempdb and transaction log size to increase performance, but in our case we didn't approach limits assigned by the DBA. Another gain is that we can easily load data at any time. This makes data we store more up to date.

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