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# Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've updated

There are minor fixes there. The most important addition is a line breaker. The purpose of the line breaker is to split long lines.

Long lines appear if there are verbose comments, or there is a very long expression, which was not categorized as multiline.

It's not perfect, however looks acceptable.

Now I'm facing a next problem: I need to do a similar job I'm doing to java, however with sql. Moreover, I need to support several dialects of sql. I'm not sure if it's possible (worth) to define single sql-xom.xsd, or should I define sql-db2-v9-xom.xsd, sql-sqlserver-2005-xom.xsd, ...

The bad news are that sql grammar is much more complex than one of java. Probably I'll start from some sql subset. In any case I do not consider generation of sql "directly", as jxom fits remarkably into its role.

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