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# Thursday, June 18, 2009

At present C# serializer knows how to print comments and do some formatting (we had to create micro xml serializer within xslt to serialize xml comments). C#'s formatting is not as advanced as java's one, but it should not be such in the first place, as C# text tends to be more neat due to properties and events. Compare:

Java: instance.getItems().get(10).setValue(value);


C#: instance.Items[10].Value = value;

TODO: implement API existing in jxom and missing in C# xom. This includes:

  • name normalization - rewriting tree to make names unique (duplicate names are often appear during generation from code templates);
  • namespaces normalization - rewriting tree to elevate type namespaces (during generation, types are usually fully qualified);
  • unreachable code detection - optional feature (in java it's required, as unreachable code is an error, while in C# it's only a warning);
  • compile time expression evaluation - optional feature used in code optimization and in reachability checks;
  • state machine refactoring - not sure, as C# has yield statement that does the similar thing.

Update can be found at: jxom/C# xom.

June, 24 update: name and namespace normalizations are implemented.

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