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# Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yesterday we had ran into following problem: how to retrieve session object from within Java web-service? The crucial point of the problem was that we are generating automatically our web-service from Java bean and this web-service works under WebSphere v5.1.1.

After some time we had spent to find acceptable solution, we have found that it's possible either to implement “session substitution” using EJB SessionBean or somehow to retrieve HttpSession instance.

The first approach has a lot of advantages before the second one, but it requires to implement bunch of EJB objects (session bean itself, home object etc.). The second approach just solve our problem for web-service via HTTP, and no more, but... it requires only few lines to be changed in Java bean code. This second approach is based on implementation of javax.xml.rpc.server.ServiceLifecyle interface for our Java bean. For details take a look at the following article: “Web services programming tips and tricks: Build stateful sessions in JAX-RPC applications“.

Actually, only two additional methods init() and destroy() were implemented. The init() method retrieves (during initialization) an ServletEndpointContext instance that is stored somewhere in private filed of the bean. Further the ServletEndpointContext.getHttpSession() is called in order to get HttpSession. So easy, so quickly - we just was pleased.

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