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# Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reading individual papers of C++ WG, you can find the following one:

N3174 10-0164 To move or not to move Bjarne Stroustrup 2010-10-17 2010-10 Core

There, Bjarne Stroustrup thinks about issues with implicitly generated copy and move operations in C++.

It's always a pleasure to see how one can deal with a problem burdened with antagonisms. To conduct his position Bjarne skilfully uses not only rational but also emotional argumentation:

...We may deem this “bad code that deserves to be broken” or “unrealistic”, but this example demonstrates that the problem with a generated move has an exact counterpart for copy (which we have lived with for 27 years)...

...In 1984, I missed the chance to protect us against copy and we have lived with the problems ever since. I should have instituted some rule along the lines “if a class has a destructor, no copy operations are generated” or “if a class has a pointer member, no copy operations are generated.”...

It's impossible to recall this numbers without shivering. :-)

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