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# Friday, April 9, 2010

Lately, after playing a little with saxon tree models, we thought that design would be more cleaner and implementation faster if NamePool were implemented differently.

Now, saxon is very pessimistic about java objects thus it prefers to encode qualified names with integers. The encoding and decoding is done in the NamePool. Other parts of code use these integer values.

Operations done over these integers are:

  • equality comparision of two such integers in order to check whether to qualified or extended names are equal;
  • get different parts of qualified name from NamePool.

We would design this differently. We would:

  1. create a QualifiedName class to store all name parts.
  2. declare NamePool to create and cache QualifiedName instances.

This way:

  • equality comparision would be a reference comparision of two instances;
  • different parts of qualified name would become a trivial getter;
  • contention of such name pool would be lower.

That's the implementation we would propose:,

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