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# Monday, May 13, 2013

Although WCF REST service + JSON is outdated comparing to Web API, there are yet a lot of such solutions (and probably will appear new ones) that use such "old" technology.

One of the crucial points of any web application is an error handler that allows gracefully resolve server-side exceptions and routes them as JSON objects to the client for further processing. There are dozen approachesin Internet that solve this issue  (e.g., but there is no one that demonstrates error handling ot the client-side. We realize that it's impossible to write something general that suits for every web application, but we'd like to show a client-side error handler that utilizes JSON and KendoUI.

On our opinion, the successfull error handler must display an understandable error message on one hand, and on the other hand it has to provide technical info for developers in order to investigate the exception reason (and to fix it, if need):

collapsed error dialog collapsed error dialog

You may download demo project here. It contains three crucial parts:

  • A server-side error handler that catches all exceptions and serializes them as JSON objects (see /Code/JsonErrorHandler.cs and /Code/JsonWebHttpBehaviour.cs).
  • An error dialog that's based on user-control defined in previous articles (see /scripts/controls/error.js, /scripts/controls/error.resources.js and /scripts/templates/error.tmpl.html).
  • A client-side error handler that displays errors in user-friendly's manner (see /scripts/api/api.js, method defaultErrorHandler()).

Of course this is only a draft solution, but it defines a direction for further customizations in your web applications.

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