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# Monday, November 1, 2010

Historically jxom was developed first, and as such exhibited some imperfectness in its xml schema. csharpxom has taken into an account jxom's problems.

Unfortunately we could not easily fix jxom as a great amount of code already uses it. In this refactoring we tried to be conservative, and have changed only "type" and "import" xml schema elements in java.xsd.

Consider type reference and package import constructs in the old schema:

<!-- import java.util.ArrayList; -->
<import name="java.util.ArrayList"/>

<!-- java.util.ArrayList<java.math.BigDecimal> -->
<type package="java.util">
  <part name="ArrayList">
      <type name="BigDecimal" package="java.math">

<!-- my.Parent.Nested -->
<type package="my">
  <part name="Parent"/>
  <part name="Nested"/>

Here we can observe that:

  • type is referred by a qualified name in import element;
  • type has two forms: simple (see BigDecimal), and other for nested or generic type (see ArrayList).

We have made it more consistent in the updated jxom:

<!-- import java.util.ArrayList; -->
  <type name="ArrayList" package="java.util"/>

<!-- java.util.ArrayList<java.math.BigDecimal> -->
<type name="ArrayList" package="java.util">
    <type name="BigDecimal" package="java.math">

<!-- my.Parent.Nested -->
<type name="Nested">
  <type name="Parent" package="my"/>

We hope that you will not be impacted very much by this fix.

Please refresh Languages XOM from

P.S. we have also included xml schema and xslt api to generate ASPX (see Xslt serializer for ASPX output). We, in fact, in our projects, generate aspx documents with embedded csharpxom, and then pass it through two stage transformation.

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