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# Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're following w3's "Bug 9069 - Function to invoke an XSLT transformation".

There, people argue about xpath API to invoke xslt transformations. Function should look roughly like this:

  $node-tree as node()?,
  $stylesheet as item(),
  $parameters as XXX
) as node()

The discussion is spinning around the last argument: $parameters as XXX. Should it be an xml element describing parameters, a function returning values for parameter names, or some new type modelling immutable map?

What is most interesting in this discussion is the leak about plans to introduce a map type:

Comment 7 Michael Kay, 2010-09-14 22:46:58 UTC

We're currently talking about adding an immutable map to XSLT as a new data type (the put operation would return a new map). There appear to be a number of possible efficient implementations. It would be ideally suited for this purpose, because unlike the mechanism used for serialization parameters, the values can be any data type (including nodes), not only strings.

There is a hope that map will finally appear in xslt!

See also:
Bug 5630 - [DM] Tuples and maps,
Tuples and maps - Status: CLOSED, WONTFIX,
Map, based on immutable trees,
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