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# Tuesday, May 28, 2013

While developing with KendoUI we have found kendo.ui.progress(container, toggle) function to be very useful. It's used to show or hide a progress indicator in the container element.

At the same time we have found that we usually used it in a context of async operation. This way, we want to show progress, perform some asynchronous operations, hide progress. So, we clearly want to benifit from RAII pattern: we would like to open a progress scope, and to perform some activity withing this scope.

Arguing like this, we have defined a utility function, which is the fusion of kendo.ui.progress() and $.when(). Its signature is like this:

nesterovskyBros.progress = function(instance /*, task ... */)

where instance is either Model, Widget, JQuery or DOM Element, and task is one or more deferred objects. This function shows a progress and returns a Promise that will hide a progress when all tasks will be complete. Implementation is trivial, so we quote it here:

// Fusion of kendo.ui.progress() and $.when().
scope.progress = function(instance /*, task ... */)
  if (instance instanceof Model)
    instance = instance.owner && instance.owner();

  if (instance instanceof Widget)
    instance = instance.element;

  if (instance && instance.nodeType)
    instance = $(instance);

  var id = ns + "-progress"; // "nesterovskyBros-progress";
  var progress = (instance && || 0;

  if (arguments.length < 2)
    return progress;

  var result = $.when.apply(null, [], 1));

  if (instance)
  {, ++progress);
    kendo.ui.progress(instance, progress > 0);

        progress = || 0;, --progress);
        kendo.ui.progress(instance, progress > 0);

  return result;

The use is like this:

nesterovskyBros.progress(element, $.ajax("/service1"), $.ajax("/service2")).then(myFunc);

The code can be found at controls.js.

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