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# Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We heavily use kendo.ui.Splitter widget. Unfortunately it has several drawbacks:

  • you cannot easily configure panes declaratively;
  • you cannot define a pane that takes space according to its content.

Although we don't like to patch widgets, in this case we found no better way but to patch two functions: kendo.ui.Splitter.fn._initPanes, and  kendo.ui.Splitter.fn._resize.

After the fix, splitter markup may look like the following:

<div style="height: 100%" data-role="splitter" data-orientation="vertical">
  <div data-pane='{ size: "auto", resizable: false, scrollable: false }'>
    Header with size depending on content.
  <div data-pane='{ resizable: false, scrollable: true }'>
    Body with size equal to a remaining area.
  <div data-pane='{ size: "auto", resizable: false, scrollable: false }'>
    Footer with size depending on content.

Each pane may define a data-pane attribute with pane parameters. A pane may specify size = "auto" to take space according to its content.

The code can be found at splitter.js A test can be seen at splitter.html.

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