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# Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Recently we have found that BinaryFormatter.Serialize and BinaryFormatter.Deserialize methods are marked as obsolete in .NET 5.0, and are declared dangerous:

The BinaryFormatter type is dangerous and is not recommended for data processing. Applications should stop using BinaryFormatter as soon as possible, even if they believe the data they're processing to be trustworthy. BinaryFormatter is insecure and can't be made secure.

See BinaryFormatter security guide for more details.

That guide along with its links go and expand on what problems BinaryFormatter poses. The schema of dangeous use cases, we have seen so far, is like that:

  • two different sides communicate to each other;
  • one side supplies input in BinaryFormatter's format;
  • other side reads input using BinaryFormatter and instantiates classes.

A threat arises when two sides cannot trust to each other or cannot establish trusted communication chanel. In these cases malign input can be supplied to a side reading the data, which might lead to unexpected code execution, deny of service, data exposure and to other bad consequences.

Arguing like this, today's maintainers of .NET concluded that it's better to tear down BinaryFormatter and similar APIs out of the framework.

Note that they don't claim BinaryFormatter itself, or Reflection API that it uses, as a core of the problem. They blame on communication.

Spelling out clearly what are concerns could help to everyone to better understand how to address it. In the area of security of communication there are a lot of ready solutions like:

  • use signature to avoid tampering the data;
  • use encription to avoid spying the data;
  • use access rights to avoid even access to the data;
  • use secure communication channels.

We can surely state that without applying these solutions no other serialization format is reliable and is subject of the same vulnerabilities.


After all it looked like an attempt to throw out the baby with the bath water. The good news is that thankfully to now modular structure of .NET runtime we're able to access binary serialization library, which are (and will be) available on nugets repositories. So, it's futile effort to erase this usefull API.

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