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# Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To simplify KendoUI development we have defined, which extends class.

Extensions in

  1. As with there is fields Object - a set of key/value pairs to configure the model fields, but fields have some more options:
    • fields.fieldName.serializable Boolean - indicates whether the field appears in an object returned in model.toJSON(). Default is true.
    • fields.fieldName.updateDirty Boolean - indicates whether the change of the property should trigger dirty field change. Default is true.
  2. When model defines a field and there is a prototype function with the same name then this function is used to get and set a field value.
  3. When property is changed through the model.set() method then dirty change event is triggered (provided that fields.fieldName.updateDirty !== false). This helps to build a dependcy graph on that property.
  4. When model instance is consturcted, the data passed in are validated, nullable and default values are set.

Model example

Here is an example of a model: =

  name: { type: "string", defaultValue: "Product Name" },
  price: { type: "number", defaultValue: 10 },
  unitsInStockValue: { type: "number", defaultValue: 10, serializable: false },
  unitsInStock: { type: "string" }

unitsInStock: function(value)
  if (value === undefined)
    var count = this.get("unitsInStockValue");

    return ["one", "two", "three", "four"][count] || (count + "");
    this.set("unitsInStockValue", ({one: 1, two: 2, three: 3, four: 4 })[value] || value);


Notice that:

  • unitsInStock property is implemented as a function - this helps to map model values to presentation values.
  • when you call model.toJSON(), or JSON.stringify() you will see in result name, price, unitsInStock values only - this helps to get model's state and to store it somewhere (e.g. in sessionStorage).
  • in a code:
      var model = new{ price: "7", unitsInStock: "one" });
    the following is true:
      (typeof(model.price) == "number") && (mode.price == 7) && ( == "Product Name") && (model.unitsInStockValue == 1)

As with UserControl the implemntation is defined in the controls.js. The sample page is the same index.html

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