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# Sunday, June 17, 2012

We're pleased to work with Kendo UI. Its design is good, however we find here and there things we would wish be done better. Here is a list of problems in a no particular order we would like to be addressed in the next release:

  • RTL is not supported (including correct scroll bar position see Tunning KendoUI).
  • Templates and binding should support a context information along with the data source. (Why do they use with statement?)
  • attr binding should use jquery.attr() method; there should be prop binding which is analogous to attr binding.
  • There should be custom binding that allows any json object to bind to different aspects of a widget or an element.
  • One should be able to use format/parse functions during binding. (Allow binding to express as a triple json object?)
  • parseExact(value, format, culture) method should be rewritten, as it has nothing in common with parsing data string according to exact format.
  • Type inference during binding is poor (parseOption() method). It works neither for string "1,2", nor json " { x: 0 } ", nor for date.
  • Binding is not implemented for many components: splitter, grid.
  • Splitter's pane should support size="auto".
  • Drid does not support totals in group headers, nor it supports header selection.
  • DataSource does not works after remote error, neither it allows to cancel request.
  • innerHtml is used all over the code, thus one cannot rely on
  • Grid does not support customization (localization) of a column filter.
  • Grid should support data binding of its content.
  • One should be able to destroy any widget.
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Monday, June 25, 2012 10:55:38 PM UTC
Thanks for the feedback! A few of these items are already listed on <a href="">our UserVoice site for Kendo UI</a>. A few of these items are already implemented (i.e. <a href="">DataSource.error</a>).

We're working incredibly hard to implement as many features, improvements, and bug fixes as possible. For future requests, please feel free to submit them to our UserVoice site or cast your vote(s) for items you'd like to see in future versions!

Thanks for your support!
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