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# Thursday, November 23, 2006

In one of our latest projects (GUI on .NET 2.0) we've felt all the power of .NET globalization, but an annoying thing happened too...

In our case such an annoying thing was sharing of UI culture info between main (UI) thread and all auxiliary threads (threads from ThreadPool, manually created threads etc.). It seems we've fallen into a .NET globalization pitfall.

We guessed that the same as main thread UI culture info for, at least, all asynchronous delegates' calls is used. This is a common mistake, and what's more annoying, there is no a single line in MSDN documentation about this issue. :-S

Let's look closer at this issue. Our application starts on computer with English regional settings ("en-En"), and during application starting we are changing UI culture info to one specified in configuration file:

	// set the culture from the config file
	  Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture =
              new CultureInfo(Settings.Default.CultureName);
	   // use the default UI culture info

Thus, all the screens of this GUI application will be displayed according with the specified culture. There are also localized strings stored in resource files that are used as log, exception messages etc., which can be displayed from within different threads (e.g. asynchronous delegates' calls).

So, when application is running and even all screens are displayed according with the specified culture, all the exceptions from auxiliary threads still in English. :'( This happened since threads for asynchronous calls are pulled out from ThreadPool, and all these threads were created using default culture.

Take care about CurrentUICulture in different threads by yourself, and be careful - there are still pitfalls on this way...

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