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# Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Recently we were creating a BizTalk 2006 project. A map was used to normalize input data, where numbers were stored with group separators like "15,000,000.00" and text (Hebrew in our case) was stored visually like "ןודנול סלפ קנב סדיולל".

We do need to store the output data the xml way, this means numbers as "15000000.00" and Hebrew text in logical form "ללוידס בנק פלס לונדון". Well, it's understood that there are no standard functoids that deal with bidi, as there are no too many people that know about the problem in the first place. However we thought at least that there will not be problems with removing of "," in numbers.

BizTalk 2006 does not provide functoids to solve either of these tasks! To answer our needs we have designed two custom functoids.

"Replace string":
Returns a string with text Replaced using a regular expression or search string.
First parameter is a string where to Replace.
Second parameter is a string or regular expression pattern in the format /pattern/flags to Replace.
Third parameter is a string or regular expression pattern that Replaces all found matches.

"Logical to visual converter":
Converts an input "logical" string into a "visual" string.
First parameter is a string to convert.
Optional second parameter is a start embedding level (LTR or RTL).

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