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# Thursday, June 16, 2005

As I wrote early in our blog, the latest version SCCBridge allows accessing to SCCBridge server via proxy. Here is some explanation what you should do in order to establish such connection:

1) open RepositoryExplorer;
2) click “Settings” button;
3) set “Default service URL” property to “http://proxy:1234/BridgeServer/Repository.asmx” ;
4) set “Endpoint URL” to “http://serverhost/BridgeServer/Repository.asmx”;
5) click “OK”.

Now you can do login.


P.S. Pay attention that “serverhost” is a host name used by proxy to route requests to.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 11:50:43 AM UTC  #    Comments [1] -
Friday, August 26, 2005 6:00:33 PM UTC
Cross-posting here, in the hope that somebody answers:

Consider following scenario: User creates a new project (along with its solution), and adds the new project only (without the solution) to SourceSafe via native SourceSafe integration client.

Another user gets the project from SourceSafe via SccBridge integration module. VisualStudio creates solution to hold the project, and saves it to the local drive.
Then, whenever this second user checks a file out via SccBridge integration module, the file will get checked out, but VisualStudio will show the file as checked out by someone else, and will display a message like "File is checked out exclusively to someone else". The user will then have to GetLatestVersion, or RefreshStatus, in order for VS.NET to show the file as check out by this user.

Furthermore, when the user checks the file in, it will still show up as checked-out by him, so the user would have to GetLatestVersion, or RefreshStatus again.

Please advise.
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