Today games are start in 19:00 local time.

Tornament is inflaming. tournament position is changing. Smirin got stuck on Gyimesi in exchange variant "Old Indian Defence". He went through the bad ending to him and lost. Postny vs Roiz hard fite which ended with peace. Avrukh suarely break Kogan in Queen's gambit. Rodshtein vs Macieja. Accurate play from both sides and draw agreement. Moiseenko, after is geting advantage in oppening +1 pawn  got a full point from Khenkin.

Tournament position after round 6:

1-3 Smirin, Postny, Avrukh, (4 points)

4-5 Roiz, Gyimesi (3.5 points)

6    Moiseenko (3points)

7-8 Rodshtein, Khenkin (2.5 points)

9    Macieja (2 points)

10  Kogan (1 point)


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