WIjk ann ZeeRound 11 was a very hot! Almost all games were effective. The curent World champion has outplayed the junior Magnus in a very dangerouse position for him. The young choose unexpect e4 for this game. Anand offered line of sicilian, where he was feeling like a fish in a water.

The exciting game was Aronioan vs Van Wely. Levon has chosen a line with white which he was played with black against Gelfand in round 2 and was successful. This time he had a white colour and has got a full point. Aronian has took over Carlsen relay-race of leader with 7 points!

Another runner up Radjabov played with black against Gelfand. The favour Old Indian defence of Radjabov gave him progress. Now he and Anand are sharing 2-3 places with 6.5pts.

The first win for outsider Eljanov, who's defeated Polgar in Ray Lopez variant. Another important game was Ivanchuk vs Adams. Both players played sharp but carefully and followed draw.

In game Topalov vs Mamedyarov there was unexpected Old Indian defence (Radjabov's influence). The game finished with draw agreement in dynamic position!?

One more time Petroff's defence was met in game Leko vs Kramnik. the game finished with a perpetual check. 

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Games round 11