January 15, 2008
@ 10:49 PM

One of the heroes of the day, more precisely heroine was Susan Polgar, has defeated Boris Gelfand in English variant, probably not corectly. Boris has confused in position and overelooked black's counterplay.Anand has prepared unexpected move for Adams-1.d4!?, but got nothing, moreover he was under pressure without a pawn in opposite collored bishops. Draw.In game Carlsen vs Aronian, Magnus has choosen Anti-Marshal line Aronian has sacrificed exchange, got strong conterplay. The game finished draw result. Ivanchuck also has prepeared for Leko unexpected Caro-Cann oppening. 42 moves game had completed with repetition and draw. The compatriot's game from Azerbaijan had finished very fast with a peacefull agreement.Kramnik has got some advantage in such ending (R+N+3p vs R+N+2p) against Eljanov, and very perfectly realized it!.The most interesting game was Van Wely vs Topalov. In Benoni line Dutch GM has outplayed Bulgarian, but with some difficalties. 1-0

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