January 14, 2008
@ 05:43 PM

Day of peace! 7 games has been finished with draws. The most interesting was the game Radjabov vs Van Wely. Van Wely played like Anand through the Slav defence. Radjabov used a move, which was played in game Kramnik vs Anand in Mexico 2007 WCH- 13.Bh5. The Van Wely's openning preparation was more deeper. First 21 moves he played in blitz style in 19 minutes! He had advantage but choose not the best way to realize it and went down to a draw.

Anand has choosen not enough fighting line against Eljanov. The result only a draw.

Polgar pressed Topalov in Najdorf's variant, but opposite collored bishops decided the game result, draw.

Adams vs Carlsen played interesting Ruy-Lopez variant, but only draw.

In games Aronian vs Leko, Ivanchuk vs Gelfand all players were played too accurate and short! :-) Draws.

The result group B,C

Group B Group C
White Black Result White Black Result
Y. Houtd N. Short 1-0 A. Ushenina I. Krush ½-½
D. Stellwagentd P. Harikrishna ½-½ F. Nijboer S. Li 1-0
W. Spoelman E. Bacrot 0-1 P. Negi J. van der Wiel 1-0
S. Movsesian M. Krasenkow 1-0 Z.Peng A. Braun 0-1
E. L’Ami H. Koneru 1-0 M.Van der Werf P.Carlsson ½-½
J. Smeets I. Cheparinov 0-1 D.Ruijgrok F.Caruana 0-1
I. Nepomniachtchi G. Sargissian 1-0 D. Reinderman E. Grivas ½-½

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