January 20, 2008
@ 11:05 PM

Round 8

One of the most interesting events on the tournament has happened today. This accident took a place in group B in game Nigel Short vs Ivan Cheparinov. The Bulgarian GM has refused to shake hand twice. Nigel has informed the main arbiter, who has decided to adjudge forfeit to Cheparinov.

Nigel Short
Nigel Short about eccident
Silvio Danailov
Silvio Danailov about accident

Behavioural norms of players in chess events. PB decision. June 25, 2007

Having discussed several recent cases in different chess tournaments where the attitude of players toward their opponent or officials, journalists etc. was not acceptable under conventional social behaviour, the FIDE Presidential Board –at the suggestion of President Ilyumzhinov- decided on setting up strict rules regarding such behaviour.

Any player who does not shake hands with the opponent (or greets the opponent in a normal social manner in accordance with the conventional rules of their society) before the game starts in a FIDE tournament or during a FIDE match (and does not do it after being asked to do so by the arbiter) or deliberately insults his/her opponent or the officials of the event, will immediately and finally lose the relevant game.

Regarding a more comprehensive set of behavioural and ethical norms to be followed, FIDE Ethics Commission and the Arbiter’s Council are to elaborate guidelines for the players. The guidelines will be published on the FIDE website.


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In main group there were not many changes. The main person of the day was Anand, who has defeated Topalov and now he has came near the leaders! Other games were also interesting but they are finished peacefully. Magnus tried to beat Gelfand in hopelessly equal position.He is still leading. Kramnik got some advantage against Polgar, but it wasn't enough for a win. Mamedyarov against Aronian introduced novelty in Meran variant, but the opponent probably was ready to this, followed draw. The games Van Wely vs Leko and Eljanov vs Adams ended with draw egreement without any ambitions to play for a win. 

Video analysis by Anand (part1)
Video analysis by Anand (part2)

Games round 8

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