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# Thursday, 26 May 2011

We did not update languages-xom already for many monthes but now we have found a severe bug in the jxom's algorithm for eliminating unreachable code. The marked line were considered as unreachable:

  if (condition)
    break check;

  // due to bug the following was considered unreachable

Bug is fixed.

Current update contains other cosmetic fixes.

Please download xslt sources from


Languages XOM is a set of xml schemas and xslt stylesheets that allows:

  • to define programs in xml form;
  • to perform transformations over code in xml form;
  • to generate sources.

Languages XOM includes:

  • jxom - Java Xml Object model;
  • csharpxom - C# Xml Object Model;
  • cobolxom - COBOL Xml Object Model;
  • sqlxom - SQL Xml Object Model (including several sql dialects);
  • aspx - ASP.NET Object Model;

A proprietary part of languages XOM also includes XML Object Model for a language named Cool:GEN. In fact the original purpose for this API was a generation of java/C#/COBOL from Cool:GEN. For more details about Cool:GEN conversion please see here.

Thursday, 26 May 2011 05:15:11 UTC  #    Comments [2] -
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 20:29:31 UTC
Btw have you seen cxxi? Kinda related to XOM in generation part.
Oleg Tkachenko
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:29:25 UTC
Hello, Oleg!

Thanks for the reference.

Indeed, their approach is interesting.

Probably, the most important difference is that we're using xslt 2, and xml representation of data is only a consequence.

It's funny to reflect about bifurcation points: it could be (xslt, javascript, F#, C++, java, C#...)/(xml, json...) or something very different. :-)
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