JIT or precompilation?


An acronym for "just-in-time," a phrase that describes an action that is taken only when it becomes necessary, such as just-in-time compilation or just-in-time object activation.
JIT compilation
The compilation that converts Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) into machine code at the point when the code is required at run time.
Process of generating of native images on demand.

There are plenty of articles on the theme. I've decided I can express my opinion on as I've studied JIT enough to see most of its advantages and drawbacks. Please do not expect me to be fully objective, since for me precompilation is just better. :-)

Criticism of JIT

Permanent consumption of processor resources
Every time assembly is loaded into a proccess, JIT is used to compile methods into native code. Considering that JIT also often performs verification during its compilations the whole process becomes just a permanent repeating of operations that once were successfully executed.
Consumption of memory resources
Methods being compiled by JIT reside in address space of process, and are not subject of code sharing which is common case for native code. The problem will become more tight in future when more applications will use CLR and there will be more libraries to share.
Time frame limitation
JIT's only a service of application not an application itself, and it have to do its job fast, and allow to application to perform its functionality. As result JIT lacks optimization analysis layer, it does not handle complex code patterns (it maps IL instruction to set of native instructions, however using optimization analysis it's possible to map set of IL instructions to set of native instructions more efficiently).
Compilation on as need basis
JIT compiles methods on as need basis, on the other hand precompilation performs its work in one go. It's obvious that precompilation in one pass is faster than dispersed JIT compilation of all methods of assembly as this allowing to accumulate resources to perform work in more efficient way.

Advantages of precompilation

One time compilation
User, in my opinion, is more tolerate to "cache time", "install time" compilation (which is rare process), then to JIT compilation (which is regular process).
Caching native images
Precompilation is allowing creation of caching service which stores native images along with cache information about:
Precompilation can afford to perform deep optimizations, as it's not limited with time in such a way as JIT is.
 Code sharing
From the OS perspective precompiled assemblies are regular libraries and participate in code sharing (OS shares loaded libraries between processes) and page pumping (OS loads memory pages where library is mapped on touch) policies.
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